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04 September 2006 @ 03:35 pm
an update for the uninformed  
On Saturday, I moved to Cambridge, MA. Just so everyone knows. No, I don't have a job yet, but I do have another interview this week at the Boston Medical Center (administrative assistant) and am waiting to hear the results of an interview at the JFK School of Gov't at Harvard from a couple weeks ago; they warn me they are very slow. Meanwhile, just sent off three more resumes just now. No problem temping if I don't get anything very soon. No problems there! The job at the printing company ended up with a no, and stupid NEAVS offered the job to someone else before I could even confirm my availability for interviews, which rather frustrated me, but I'm still fairly optimistic. I'm getting a rather ratio of interview requests to applications.

I will put the new address and various contact info in a locked post later on. I really would say there's not much else to share. BreyerFest was an incredibly good time, and I was on a bit of a low for a few days afterwards. It was so, so good to spend time with everyone, and that was all that really mattered. I did okay at NAN, sales were a bit slow, I didn't buy very much, but I had a complete and total BLAST with my friends and that's the important thing. I also visited the_sea_lingers in Jersey a couple weekends ago, and as always, she was an amazing host and we did LOTS. I went to the PA Renaissance Faire with dokool last weekend, before moving, which was lots of fun and highly nostalgic. I spent lots of time with John in August as I went to interviews and looked at apartments; he now lives a mere 20-minute walk or one subway stop away from me. He helped me move in, which was dear of him <3 I missed Lauren a lot in August and Talya too, but I kept busy enough!

Very excited about living here indeed :) I can't wait to spend time with Michelle this Friday; for once, I am finally living near enough to my oldest friend. Philly and Reading wasn't so bad, but then she went to Brandeis and I was in Scotland, and although I managed to visit her once my senior year, and she me once as well, it's really cool to actually be in the same city.

So, in sum: I have a fabulous roommate named Laura, a nice apartment 5 minutes from the Red Line, my kitty who smiles pretty lives with me (though she is a bit traumatized to be in a new place with Buford, Laura's adorable big brown tabby), my boyfriend's just across Mass Ave and one of my best friends is a short train ride away. I'm living in what's probably my favorite model horse region, not far from some good friends, and I am excited for what's next.
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AL-Aweewlodekb on September 5th, 2006 11:21 pm (UTC)
Bosturbia is my word for the suburbs of Boston. To live in Somerville (as I do) or Cambridge is thus to be Bosturbed!

eh. not enough sleep.

Lets hang out!