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22 July 2006 @ 11:59 pm
so there, Gilana! :-P  
I am frantically packing and cleaning in an effort to get ready for my trip to Kentucky. Tomorrow evening I head down to Maryland to stay with Maggie Bennett for the night, and then bring her with me down to Lexington. The trip will be, as mcflynnthm would put it, OFF THE HOOK. There will be late nights, dinners of revelry, DullCote in my lungs, horsies to smooch at the Horse Park, money (hopefully!) collected, probably more money spent, and meeting and re-meeting of many people I've come to consider some of my dearest friends. A quick thank you and prayer to Heather, goddess of Model Horse Blab, for creating the thing that totally changed my involvement with this hobby and consequently made my life more fun.

I know I have not updated in ages and ages. All of you who aren't down with the model horse thing probably got glazed over at that last paragraph. Oh well, sucks to be you :-P For those who don't care, well, it's mostly what I've been up to this summer. Painting horses like a little madwoman. I've done some temping jobs, but when crunch time came, I stopped with those and started really going at it with the brushes. I have a vending table at the Artisans' Gallery at BreyerFest, where I will be selling my little horsie creations, so it really was necessary. Here and there I have been volunteering at the Petsmart adoption center and visiting some John. I had an interview at a Mass. SPCA shelter back at the beginning of the month, but I very sadly did not get that job. I was going to post about it, as I was excited outta my seat over it, but I got lazy. Really bummed I didn't get it. That was such a dream job. BUT I have interviews for two more places! They haven't been definitively scheduled yet but I intend for them to happen probably the week after I get back from Kentucky. One is a customer service rep at a non-profit, worker-owned printing and graphic design business; the other is a program and admin assistant at NEAVS. The former pays much, MUCH better than the latter but the interest level is for the other way around. We'll see. I want to get out of this 'burg (I'm often surprised, with the number of -burg towns in PA, why I live in Reading and not Readingsburg) by sometime in the fall at the latest; if that means stockpiling my moolah to move to Cambridge or Somerville or somewhere else arond Boston and temping until I find something good, so be it.

I'm surprised at how okay I've been being at home. It's draining sometimes to have the expectations of my parents on me all the time - I'm much better living by myself, for myself - but it still has been alright. I miss Talya, who is in Asheville NC right now, and worry about her at times, but I'm glad for her that she's somewhere else. She will be interning in November at Best Friends and I'm wicked jealous. I'd rather have something longer-term going on than that and the timing was no good so I didn't apply, but it sounds excellent. Happily, although I really don't know many people here in Reading anymore, I have been spending loads of time with Lauren, who's basically my last friend left in the area. She's wonderful and amazing and we've had so much fun hanging out this summer. She's actually moving to Asheville next week herself, so I will miss her very much - and all the more reason to get my own booty outta here.

I honestly have had a hard time fathoming what was going to come after BreyerFest. I guess I secretly hoped that I would be preparing to move to the Boston area once that was over. Now, I'm still doing okay considering how sporadic I've been about sending out my resume here and there - I applied to three jobs at the end of June, and they have all eventually contacted me for interviews, then three more a few weeks ago that I've not heard from - but still. I'm a little lost right now. The temping was really dull, but I'll probably have to go back to it if I don't get one of these jobs I'm interviewing for soon.

One reason I'd really like to be moved by August is because it would be really nice to be able to take some evening classes in the fall. Nothing stressful, but something to fill in the science gaps that I never filled at the Rock. Introductory biology and chemistry courses, or environmental science stuff. One at a time to start. I am looking to applying to Tufts Vet School's Master of Science in Animals and Public Policy in the next 2-4 years, if I don't get the itch to go back into ancient history. Right now, I am a little burned out on that, but it could happen again. We'll see.

That trip to Seattle was a fantastic time, by the way, since I mentioned it in my second-to-last entry ;-) It was wonderful to see chemicallace again, especially since she missed out on Mayfest and brought me to the most fabulous restaurant and showed me around a wonderful city - and general was wonderfully hospitable despite having just moved. monocleostrich and Mel were awesome as well, and we had a blast at the zoo, having some great meals, and showing at Northwest Congress. I'm so excited to be staying with them in Lexington because we had such a good time together and it was so the opposite of that worry you get when meeting internet friends - that you won't get along as well as you do online, that it will be awkward - instead it was fantastic.

I hope to visit thesealingers before too long, probably after the interviews in Boston, and if there's time, Jen in West Virginia. I haven't been as productive this summer as I'd hoped; I haven't read enough, and I haven't worked out as regularly as I'd have liked to. But hopefully things will calm down a little bit after BreyerFest, and I can start feeling productive. Of course, if I get a job offer, then nothing will calm down for a while until I move, settle in, and get trained at the job. We can only see.

On a side note, for those who have been wavering on the new Dresden Dolls album, give it a few listens. I was unimpressed at first, but I gave it a few more whirls recently, and I really like it. There's nothing comparable to "Half Jack" on it, but it's still really quite good musically, and some of the songs (such as the one listed here) have really powerful lyrics. On another musical note, tell Morrissey to get his ass on tour in the US, eh?
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DOKooldokool on July 23rd, 2006 04:10 am (UTC)
(I'm often surprised, with the number of -burg towns in PA, why I live in Reading and not Readingsburg)

Having driven the Turnpike from here to Harrisburg yesterday and paid attention to every sign, I can see your point. Goddamn are there a lot of -burgs in this state.
vayra on July 23rd, 2006 02:15 pm (UTC)
If I pay you when you get back, or somehow while you're down there, will you buy me something? Anything, really, although if you saw an interesting kinda cheap CWP I would be sooooo happy.
The Excellent Neon Fishcranbonite on July 23rd, 2006 04:35 pm (UTC)
Of course I will! I'll look for your favorite - cute hunter ponies. I dunno what CWPs you have, though, but I'll see what I find inexpensively :)
!kitsunessa on July 23rd, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
You've been so busy! You know, I'm moving to Shrewsbury in mid-August... we really should meet up and get together sometime. I'll be at Tufts Vet for the next 4 years, so if you do decide to go for the MS, we'll be at the same school! Regardless, I'm looking forward to moving to Mass and being closer to so many hobbyists!
The Excellent Neon Fishcranbonite on July 23rd, 2006 04:49 pm (UTC)
Oh man...showing in New England is awesome! (Much more fun than region 9 in my opinion...:uh) And I think you will love Massachusetts. I do, anyway ;-) People complain about the winters but really, they're aren't that much more extreme than the lower northeast (PA, NJ, etc). I don't know much about the central Mass (Worcester) area, but I will totally keep you posted about my jobhunting progress and such and hopefully we can get together when you are in the swing of things at school. You must be so excited! I've heard really good things about Tufts Vet so it should be good times. Would be kickass if I did the M.S. program in a few years and already knew someone there, too - even if you were in the throes of finishing :-P
!kitsunessa on July 24th, 2006 04:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've heard the winters are very snowy, but nowhere near as cold as Ithaca winters...which is a huge relief! I'm so done with negative temps and windchills week after week. Please do let me know about the jobhunting! Ooh, and I won't have enough time/space initially to bring my horsies (let alone my showstring) up to my apartment when I first move in, but I'm sure I can work a few in... I do have some minis I can sneak on a shelf or two :)
The Rhythm Thiefmcflynnthm on July 24th, 2006 02:31 am (UTC)
as [info]mcflynnthm would put it, OFF THE HOOK.

I would never say something like that.

... oh wait. :-P